A Bedroom Farce


Four couples, three bedrooms, one disaster of an evening!

Bedroom Farce by Alan Ayckbourn tells the story of four married couples in three bedrooms over one night.
Malcom and Kate are hosting a dinner party that the other couples are invited to. Everyone is going to be there; including Trevor and Susannah. Their marriage is on the rocks and they inflict their miseries on their nearest and dearest. A real joy to be around!

There are fights, breakups, make ups, flying bed side lamps and some pilchards thrown in there too!

As the title implies, the play is a ridiculous and hilarious farce, comparing and contrasting the differences between couples young and old, and the different troubles they encounter.

Cast List

Malcom – Peter Symonds
Kate – Claire Sadler
Jan – Jan Sadler
Nick – Jez Ellis
Trevor – Chris Ackroyd-parr
Susannah – Sophie Till
Delia – Ruth Till
Ernest – Andrew Brooke

Directed By –

Shopping Basket