Hansel and Gretel


Our pantomime this year is Hansel and Gretel, the classic tale told with a 21st century twist.

Come and see the story unfold of how a stepmother, Hildegard, (who is under the spell of the evil villain, Nightshade) abandons her step-children, Hansel and Gretel, deep in the forest. Alone and scared, the children find themselves led into Nightshade’s candy cottage by two evil crows, where the children are kept hostage and fattened up for eating. Concerned Prince, Johann, forms a search party with the help of his aid, Wolfgang; the children’s father, Fritz; Dame Peggy Pumpernickel; and her dimwit son, Wally.

What could possibly go wrong? Will they succeed and, with the help of fairy Bluebell, rescue the lovely Hansel and Gretel from the clutches of deadly Nightshade? The only way to find out is to buy your tickets and enjoy our show – packed with songs, dances and laughter!

Cast List

  • Hansel – Kitty
  • Gretel – Chloe
  • Hildegard – Hayley
  • Dame Peggy Pumpernickel – Howard
  • Wally – Morag
  • Heather – Kiara
  • Prince Johann – Abbie
  • Wolfgang – Libby
  • Nutmeg – Lauren
  • Basil – Nicholas
  • Bluebell – Minnie
  • Nightshade – Lily
  • Klaus – Harvey
  • Russel – Tayler
  • Cheryl – Emma
  • Otto – Faith
  • Chorus (children): Charlie, Liam, Tayler, Lily, Faith, Ruby, Ava, Harvey, Sasha
  • Chorus (adults): Jane, Lynsey, Claire, Marianne

Directed by Suzanne Ford



  • Prologue – Forest Fairy Feud (Front cloth or front of Tabs)
  • Scene 1 – The Village of Munchen Luncheon (Full stage village scene)
  • Scene 2 – Jolly Gypsy Japes (Front cloth or front of Tabs)
  • Scene 3 – Into the Woods … (Full stage forest scene)
  • Scene 4 – Back in the Village (As Act I Scene 2)
  • Scene 5 – Recipe for Disaster (Half-stage scene with MS Tabs or cloth)
  • Scene 6 – A Turn Up for the Books (As Act I Scene 2)
  • Scene 7 – Join the Circus (Full stage circus scene – inside the big top)


  • Scene 1 – Peggy Pumpernickel’s Party (Full stage gypsy encampment scene, or as Act I Scene 1)
  • Scene 2 – The Powers of Persuasion (As Act I Scene 2)
  • Scene 3 – The Petrified Forest (Full stage haunted forest scene, or adapted from Act I Scene 3)
  • Scene 4 – Meanwhile in Munchen (As Act I Scene 2)
  • Scene 5 – The Sugar Candy Cottage (Full stage, as Act II Scene 3, plus cottage flats or truck)
  • Scene 6 – A Plan is Hatched (As Act I Scene 2)
  • Scene 7 – Deadly Nightshade? (Full stage scene – inside the Sugar Candy Cottage, with oven)
  • Scene 8 – Fun before we Finish! (Front of Tabs)
  • Scene 9 – Farewell from the Forest (Full stage Finale, as Act I Scene 1)


  • Friday 17th January, 7.30pm
  • Saturday 18th January, 2.30pm and 7.30pm
  • Sunday 19th January, 2.30pm

Tickets: Adults £8, children and concessions £5, family (two adults, two children) £20

Herbert Shiner School, Petworth

Tickets available from Bay Tree Bakery and our Online Box Office

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