Puss in Boots!


A full-length traditional pantomime – a struggle between good and evil, a leavening of magic, a lot of jokes, a bit of slapstick and a talking cat. That sort of thing.
There is also a chance to meet the characters in real life after the show and even have your picture taken with them!

Cast List

  • Jack: Jan Sadler
  • Puss: Ryan Moss
  • Dame Hettie
  • Quetti: Howard Cronshaw
  • Princess Alice: Suzanne Ford
  • King Herbert: Nigel Flynn
  • Queen Mildred: Ruth Till
  • Lord Roger: Andrew Brooke
  • Nosmo: Declan Scammell
  • Nopar: David Morrish
  • Narrator: Ann Durrantt
  • Ogre: Peter Simmonds
  • Chorus: Abbie Hodd, Abby Quinnell, Abbie Jefford, Caitlin Wadey, Chloe Ford, Daisy Hodd, George Light, Honey Hodd, Lisa Jones, Yasmin Simmonds, Zac Quinnell

Performed in November 2013

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