Scrooge the Pantomime


Charles Dickens’s Scrooge is given the Pantomime treatment this time!

The story is set in Scrooge’s Chocolate Factory and follows the rotten behaviour of Scrooge towards his downtrodden staff, led by the reluctant shop-steward Bob Cratchitt. It’s Christmas Eve and Scrooge is being his usual miserable self as he rants at his workers for putting up Christmas decorations – he threatens them with the sack including factory cook Jan Butty.

Strange things happen in the factory – Jan Butty bumps into the ‘Ghost ‘ of Scrooge’s late partner Jacob Marley- Scrooge puts this sighting down to too much Christmas Sherry!!!!

Audience participation is a must with this Panto!

Cast List

Jan Butty – George Stringer
Scrooge – Andrew Brooke
Bob Cratchit – Peter Symonds
Fred – Jez Ellis
Mrs Cratchit – Jan Sadler
Shirley – Claire Sadler
Marjory – Amanda Redfern
Dough – Sophie Till
Nut – Lily Baker

Performed in November 2016

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